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The Stirling Ranges

The fertile soils, pure water sources and clear country air of the Stirling Ranges form an enviable pristine natural environment in which to operate our farm. It is also the sensational backdrop to the


Butterfield Beef farm, which the O’Meehan family and their herds are lucky enough to call home.


At any one time, up to 3,300 head of cattle can be found contently grazing, often among our other local visitors like the western grey kangaroos and western brush wallabies. 

Since 1906

When watering his horses at Daniel’s Well in 1906, Thomas Francis O’Meehan stopped to observe the beauty and fertility of the land and dreamt of a sustainable family farming enterprise utilising the rich natural resources of the geography.

More than 100 years later, Frank’s grandson Paul and his family continue to perpetuate Butterfield and Stirling Ranges Beef, considerately rearing and processing high-quality beef for

West Australians.

The O’Meehan family are proud Western Australian farmers who are active supporters of their local community and farming industry.

Family owned & run

At Stirling Ranges Beef, we are proud of our truly sustainable approach to cattle farming in Western Australia.

We devote enormous attention to preparing the feed source for our cattle. The rich soils of our property enable us to produce the highest quality white grains that cleaned, tempered and rolled fresh each day. They are then blended with homegrown lupins and fibre to form the mainstay of the diet once the cattle arrive into our feed yard.

We grow the grain
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