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Uniquely West Australian
The 5 Freedoms

The well-being of our animals is of the utmost importance. That is why, at Stirling Ranges Beef, we uphold and promote The Five Freedoms of animal welfare. The Five Freedoms is an internationally recognised duty of care that we uphold as people in charge of animals.

Since 1906 the O'Meehan’s have farmed the fertile foothills of the Stirling Ranges in Western Australia's Great Southern.  


Produced by Butterfield Beef, Stirling Ranges Beef is a premium product that is proudly Western Australian owned and grown.  Buying Stirlng Ranges Beef means you are supporting WA farmers.

Since 1906

From paddock to plate, it is the dedication and expertise of the team from farmer to butcher that guarantees quality you can see and taste in every cut of Stirling Ranges Beef.

Our cattle are grass reared and grain finished to ensure a premium product. We choose Angus and Angus cross cattle that are bred and reared on lush South West pastures by a team of 40 beef producers who love what they do.  Our choice of Angus means we can ensure taste, marbling and tenderness and we can produce consistently produce a superior product.

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